Hathorpay has been retired

Please read the announcement above.

Hathorpay has been retired

Please read the announcement above.


Is Hathorpay a self-custody wallet?

Yes, you are fully in control of your seed phrase to access your account. Your seed never touches our servers, is encrypted and stored locally on your device.

What is wallet security best practice?

While the HathorPay team makes every effort regarding your security, there is always an added layer of security to any hot wallet user by adhering to accepted best practices when using any browser extension wallet. Here are a few important best practices:

- Store large sums of tokens in a hardware wallet (Ledger)

- Spread out risk by maintaining multiple wallets

- Turn on local disk encryption

- Avoid clicking on suspicious and unknown links

- Use a secure internet connection or VPN

If you have reason to think your account is at risk after clicking on a suspicious link, email, or website, we advise moving your tokens to a completely new wallet on another device.

If you have any questions as a user, the Hathorpay team wants to hear from you here.

Do I have to import each custom token UID?

There is no need to import UIDs, your custom tokens will automatically appear in Hathorpay.

Every Hathorpay user is prompted to read and accept the Hathorpay End User License Agreement during onboarding.

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