November 4th, 2022

Community Safety Notice

Dear Hathorpay users,


Our team has received a significant amount of reports of wallets being drained on Hathorpay. As a result, our team currently does not recommend that anyone uses the wallet until an audit that is underway is complete.


For now, we recommend that Hathorpay users move all of their tokens to another wallet immediately to minimize risk (until further notice). 


Please feel free to follow this best practice guide:


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to remedy this situation.


For now, we have removed the ability to sign up for Lifetime memberships until this is resolved and we will only relaunch Lifetime memberships as NFTs to existing members once the root cause is addressed.


Our team will also work to fully open source the wallet code in the coming months.


We will keep the community updated on everything as soon as we have news to give.


Thank you,
Htrfdt Team